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PROVISIONS – Provisions Theme ft. Wombaticus Rex

Got a brand new lyrics video to share. Once again, I have put in entirely too much effort, but that’s the whole point. These videos tend to have a very strong “long tail” and rack up a lot of views over the years, so that work does pay off long term. Short term, they’re fun to make.

One odd correction: In the course of this song, I mistakenly claim that “PROVISIONS is the brand,” but Executive Producer Garrett Heaney has recently corrected me & the world on that front. Life is funny like that.

Not knowing precisely what the fuck I am doing has never really stopped me before, though. There will definitely be more work under the PROVISIONS umbrella dropping in 2024, including an EP with freestyle legend A-F-R-O that I produced as DJ Multiple Sex Partners. (I didn’t see that one coming, but perhaps some of you reading this did.)

As for the video, I tried to pack in a proper education worth of in-jokes and references. For any students of the genre or the business: at a bare minimum, familiarize yourself with the careers of Berry Gordy, J. Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records, the saga of the Hieroglyphics crew (and Imperium!), the midwest empires of Rhymesayers Entertainment and Galapagos4, the dub industries of King Tubby and Lee “Scratch” Perry, the vast legacy of Prince Paul, the planet-sized stamp that Dungeon Family and Def Jux left on the culture … oh, and the fact that the US space program was run by a Nazi super-genius who was buddies with Walt Disney. My curriculae are diverse!

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