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Wombaticus Rex x SKYWISE – Heatwave

Is this my first proper single? I think so. After the awkward mid-air feeling of a long soft launch, we’re finally hitting a point where there’s going to be … well, almost too much new music to share. Which is a big change from nearly a decade of nothing.

Big thanks to SKYWISE for the beat. The structure of the song reflects the writing; this puppy was done in two passes just driving around the Kingdom with the beat on loop. This really was sorted out with the windows down in April of 2023. It was cut live in my living room shortly thereafter. Living in the NEK is a blessing.

Big thanks to Matt Scott for recording, mixing & mastering. Once everything hung together, there was nothing left to do here.

That cover art is something sweet. No surprise, then, it’s another slam dunk from Kyle Tierce, the graphic design talent behind pretty much our entire World Around Records run back in the day.

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